Custom Video Services

Custom videos have been proven to be the most effective format for health communication. Language and literacy hurdles are addressed and patients can visualize and comprehend their treatment.

Address Common Barriers

Smarter Medical Care’s custom videos directly confront the issues patients face when navigating new information about their medical condition and treatment.

Elevate Health Literacy

Our mission is to help patients understand their medication situation and know what to expect so they can approach treatment and care with greater confidence and awareness.

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A higher quality patient education plan is within your reach. Get in touch with our team and we’ll help you teach your patients in support of optimizing their treatment and care.

Feedback from our clients

Care providers have great things to say about our custom approach to patient education videos.
“Brian and his staff are professional and easy to work with. Animation allowed us to focus on key messages without the distraction of extraneous imagery, and made it much easier to create a Spanish version of the video.”​
Lane Stiles Director, Patient Education, Vanderbilt University Medical Center
“Smarter Medical Care is a compassionate teacher, counselor, and coach that helps the anxious patient, under-informed family member and well-intentioned friend to navigate the many challenges associated with serious illness.”
Matthew Cohen, MD Gastroenterologist, New Haven, Connecticut
“Working with Smarter Medical Care, and Brian in particular, was a very positive experience. The work was high quality, professional and highly collaborative. I would recommend them to anyone looking to create a health education video.”
Tracy Torchetti, MA Director, Cancer Information, Canadian Cancer Society

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Custom videos are Smarter Medical Care’s premiere product whose focus is to educate patients and their loves ones to reduce anxiety and ensure optimal care. Custom videos are constructed with the client’s input using resources and materials specific to your branding and messaging.
Our clients retain full ownership of all custom videos upon delivery.
We work directly with our clients to draft a script, develop a storyboard, illustrate images, and add voiceover audio to each custom video.
Yes, our clients have the option to choose from Smarter Medical Care’s voiceover talent or provide their own voiceover artists to work with our team.
Projects usually take 8 to 12 weeks depending on their complexity and approval timelines. Depending on your specific needs, more time may be needed to complete the project.
It depends on the project. The number of linear minutes in the videos and the number of languages that the videos are translated into influence the price.