Custom Patient Education Videos


Animation in patient education videos creates the flexibility your organization needs to respond to changing guidelines and diverse patient populations. Unlike live-action videos, small changes can be made easily and affordably and translations into any language are simple. Animation allows for complex anatomical and procedural information to be presented in a way that is easy to understand and less alarming to already-stressed patients. Customized animation means your organization has the ability to always have the information your patients need, in a format they can understand, using plain language when they need it.  With animation we have the freedom to create the perfect approach to engage your unique patient population and foster a better patient experience.

illustratin of medical professional taking notes


Smarter Medical Care animated patient education videos are customized to reflect your organization’s brand and to meet your patient population’s unique needs. Our videos engage patients on an auditory and visual level using custom animation to explain complex medical concepts in plain language, and most importantly in their preferred language. Patient experience improves with better health literacy, which improves with patient education that is culturally and linguistically appropriate.  Smarter Medical Care’s flexible, animated format makes it affordable and easy to provide every patient with the information they need to understand their illness and actively participate in their treatment. Translations outside of English and Spanish are not only easy to produce, the cost to your organization is at minimum 1/3 of the cost associated with live action videos.

Patient Education Resource Checklist


The inherent challenge in patient education is literacy, when 30% of Americans have Level 1 reading skills or are illiterate, making written information ineffective for them – video based patient education can solve the health disparities caused by this unfortunate reality. Beyond the issue of literacy is the ability of the average person to retain any new information, much less complex medical concepts having just received very stressful news – even patients with high  literacy levels only retain about 10% of what they read, compared to 65% of what they see and hear. Video learning conventions can increase information retention by up to 16 times over that of text alone and patients who received the video content report less anxiety, less physical pain, and higher rates of overall satisfaction with their patient experience. Smarter Medical Care makes it possible to provide your patients with the best possible health education tools easily and affordably.