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Customizing Patient Experience to Improve Health Literacy

illustratin of medical professional taking notes
hand drawings of health care professionals

Smarter Medical Care patient education videos are customized to reflect your organization’s brand and to meet your patient population’s unique needs. Health literacy improves when patients receive materials that are culturally and linguistically appropriate. Our flexible, animated format makes it affordable and easy to provide every patient with the information they need to understand their illness and actively participate in their treatment.


Animation creates the flexibility your organization needs to respond to changing guidelines and diverse patient populations. Unlike live-action videos, small changes can be made easily and affordably and translations into any language are simple. Animation also allows for complex anatomical and procedural information to be presented in a way that is easy to understand and less alarming to already-stressed patients.


Research has shown that patients who receive medical information in video format report less anxiety, less physical pain, and higher rates of overall satisfaction with their patient experience. SMC patient education videos engage your patients with comforting images and tones that help them to absorb information more easily while soothing anxiety. At Smarter Medical Care, our ultimate goal is to relieve your patients’ anxiety, helping them to become more receptive to treatment through improved health literacy.