Our Approach to Patient Education

Patient education needs to be accurate, accessible and actionable for a diverse patient population. We convert your evidence-based content into low-cost videos using plain language and simple images in an animated format accessible on any device. Patients should have the information they need for optimal treatment outcomes and quality of life, when and where they need it. This approach allows us to present medical information to 100% of your patient population—regardless of literacy levels or cultural barriers.

Present Accurate Information Using Formats Accessible To All



  • Less common translations
  • Fill content gaps
  • White label modules
  • Achieve cultural competency


  • Easily updated
  • Affordable translations
  • Seamless branding
  • Complex concepts simplified


  • Addresses literacy & language barriers
  • Engages multiple senses
  • 16X more information retained
  • Accessible on any device

Our Mission To Improve Patient Experience

Inspired by his 40 years of experience as an oncologist-hematologist, Dr. Robert Rodvien founded Smarter Medical Care with his son, Brian, in 2008. Their goal: to create patient education videos to address all aspects of the journey a patient and their loved ones embark on when there is a serious diagnosis. At the very core of their mission is to relieve patient anxiety and improve treatment outcomes by making medicine understandable.

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  • Improve Health Literacy

    The impact of a detailed video can significantly aid patients in reducing hospitalization rates and encouraging the use of preventative health care.

  • Better Treatment Outcomes

    Patients who receive quality patient education along the continuum of care have better treatment adherence and outcomes.

  • Operational Efficiencies

    Create scalable patient education modules that allow staff to spend more time on care, while delivering patients the information they need.

  • Save Money & Improve Care

    High quality patient education improves treatment adherence and reduces unnecessary utilization.

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