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Patient education should be evidence-based and easy to understand. Materials should contain clear, actionable instructions to help patients get engaged and stay involved along the continuum of care. Video has been proven to be the most effective format for health communication; language and literacy hurdles are easily overcome and patients can easily visualize their treatment. However, content and language gaps continue to be an issue, not to mention the expense when it comes to updates and guideline changes.
Our Solution
Smarter Medical Care has solved these lingering issues by creating low-cost, animated videos branded for your organization with content customized to the specific needs of your patient population. Our patient education videos are created using your content in plain language in an easy to digest animated format that is accessible to every patient regardless of English literacy level.
Our team will create custom images that reflect the demographics of your unique patient population, ensuring that your messages are clear and inclusive. Our animated format makes it easy to make small alterations as guidelines or your organization’s needs change, so there is never a need to start from scratch. Your investment will continue to deliver the information your patients need for years to come.

Our Process

Our healthcare client (you!) creates a draft, which we help refine until finalized and approved.
SMC develops a storyboard that is specifically designed for your organization and patient population.
Based on your patient demographics, SMC records a culturally appropriate voiceover.
We develop custom illustrations based on the approved storyboard images.
Once the voiceover and illustrations have been approved, we’re ready to share our video draft with you. With your input, the video will soon be ready for your patients.

Patient Education Video Samples

Areas of the Head & Neck

Help patients understand anatomy without confusing terminology and imagery. Use clear visual aides to encourage patient memorization.


Anxiety creates many problems for patients and their families. Make it easy to for patients to recognize and address anxiety before it has a detrimental impact on treatment.


Give patients something that they could go to when they are feeling overwhelmed by all the changes and unknowns in their lives when dealing with a cancer diagnosis.

Dealing with Insurance

Help patients reduce the anxiety they have around the various roads one must travel when dealing with insurance companies during a major illness.

Family & Friends Can Help

Prepare patients for the reality of needing help to manage their treatment. Help patients recognize their assistance needs and show them they are not alone in their patient experience.

Goals of Surgery

Help patients with head and neck cancer understand the goals of their surgery and to prepare them for the steps they must take to ensure treatment success.


Deliver simple concepts about the importance of good post-surgical nutrition.

Telling Your Child

Telling children about cancer or any serious illness is incredibly difficult. Offer patients a guide that would help them know that they are delivering the news in the best possible way.

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Learn More About:

  • Improve Health Literacy

    Well designed animated videos can significantly increase understanding among all ages, cultures, and health literacy levels.

  • Better Treatment Outcomes

    Patients who receive effective patient education along the continuum of care have better treatment adherence, reduced pain, and improved quality of life.

  • Operational Efficiencies

    Scalable patient education modules reduce costs by allowing staff to spend more time on care, and reducing hospitalization rates.

  • Patient Satisfaction

    High quality patient education increases patient referrals and strengthens your reputation for excellence.

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