What are the benefits of animated patient education videos?

Key Studies

The following articles and studies highlight the significant clinical and financial benefits that Patient Education brings to your organization, and provide insights into our scientifically designed animated Patient Education format.


Better patient education for improved engagement and compliance.

Solid patient education strategies are foundational to improved compliance and success with national patient engagement activities. To succeed in the risk-bearing reimbursement landscape, providers must ensure that patients understand and comply with their care plans.


Patient Safety & Quality Healthcare

Neal W.

(2015, April 3)

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Investing in patient education is key to adding new revenue streams to the practice.

In order to maximize the use of new technology and make a return on investment, it is vital to convert as many patients as possible to a new service. This is done by investing in patient education.


Ophthalmic Professional.

Lutz M.

(2014, July 1)

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Cost-benefit analysis of patient education.

In this study, the author summarizes studies of the cost-benefit of patient education studies in managed care and other settings, including comprehensive approaches to healthcare delivery that emphasize education. On the average, for every dollar invested in patient education, $3–$4 were saved.


Patient Educ Couns.

Bartlett EE.

1996 Apr;27(3):279

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  • Improve Health Literacy

    Well designed animated videos can significantly increase understanding among all ages, cultures, and health literacy levels.

  • Better Treatment Outcomes

    Patients who receive effective patient education along the continuum of care have better treatment adherence, reduced pain, and improved quality of life.

  • Operational Efficiencies

    Scalable patient education modules reduce costs by allowing staff to spend more time on care, and reducing hospitalization rates.

  • Patient Satisfaction

    High quality patient education increases patient referrals and strengthens your reputation for excellence.

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