Our Approach to Patient Education is Simple

Present accurate information in a format that is accessible to 100% of the population

Patient education needs to be accurate, accessible and actionable for a diverse patient population. Our approach to patient teaching combines evidence-based medicine, plain language and simple images in an animated video format available on any device. We want patients to have the information they need for best possible treatment outcomes and quality of life. This approach makes it possible to present medical information to 100% of your patient population – regardless of literacy levels or cultural barriers. We solve health disparities and tackle health literacy with our elegantly simple patient education videos.

Smarter Medical Care Patient Education Videos


  • Less common translations
  • Fill content gaps
  • White label modules
  • Achieve Cultural competency


  • Easily updated
  • Affordable translations
  • Seamless branding
  • Complex concepts simplified


  • Addresses low literacy
  • Engages multiple senses
  • 16X more information retained
  • Compatible with any device or platform

Smarter Medical Care Patient Education Videos are especially adept at addressing:

  • Health disparities caused by low literacy and cultural barriers
  • Emotional side effects of serious illness
  • Patient populations with speaking languages other than English and Spanish
  • Health content that changes frequently

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