ADDITIONAL PATIENT EDUCATION RESOURCEShand drawings of health care professionals

Improving health literacy by engaging patients in their health care is at the core of our mission and it is in this spirit that we share these patient education resources. You will find links to additional information on health literacy, guidelines for improving patient experience, and several free patient education resources where materials are ready to be downloaded. All of these resources are Smarter Medical Care approved and can be used to augment your Smarter Medical Care solution. Please check back often as we are constantly expanding our own knowledge base and looking for new patient education resources to enhance our own offerings. These materials are available in limited languages and are in a  print format only, but do provide limited a basic solution for your patients and can be used as the basis for your own internal publications.

We hope that your organization looks to Smarter Medical Care as a partner in improving your patients’ care.



Click the links below to access great patient education and experience resources.


AHRQ Patient Education Materials


Quick Guide to Health Literacy


The Three Ps Of Patient Experience


CDC Patient Education Resources and Materials


Patient Experience Benchmarking Study


What Makes A Positive Patient Experience?


Association For Patient Experience Blog


Fred Lee TED talk, “Patient Satisfaction or Patient Experience?”


Health Literacy Month


Health Literacy Action Plan –


NATIONAL NETWORK OF Libraries of Medicine


CDC- Health Literacy Guide