Dr. Robert Rodvien

Dr. Robert Rodvien
California Pacific Medical Center
2100 Webster St.
San Francisco, CA 94115
(415) 717-7044
Dr. Robert Rodvien graduated from Columbia University's Physicians and Surgeons' medical school, and then did his internship, medical residency and hematology fellowship at Tufts. He continued his training at MIT in molecular biology followed by a year at Harvard Medical School and the Beth Israel Hospital in biomaterials. At present, he is at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco.

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Reducing Coumadin Risk Through Genetic Testing

Dr. Robert Rodvien, the founder of the Coumadin Clinic at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco, identifies some reasons why people need different doses of Coumadin. Certain genes control how Coumadin is broken down by the body and how Vitamin K is … Continue reading

The Value of Hospice

Hospice is a Medicare benefit that offers care at home, the availability of several support services for those in need, and active cancer care if that is medically appropriate. Dr. Andrew Lasher is interviewed in order to understand and maximize … Continue reading

Navigating the System

Know your insurance. Keep your primary care physician involved. Befriend nurses or office personnel. Have friends at meetings. Get professional help from other health care professionals. If needed, ask for a second opinion.

Guided Imagery

Guided imagery is a way to enable you to psychologically relax so you can understand your feelings and beliefs more completely. The goal is to have less emotional and physical symptoms.

Epilepsy in Women

Women with epilepsy can be safely taken through pregnancy with a very high probability of a normal fetus, and no increase in problems to the Mother as well. The newer drugs are safer for Mom and baby.

Epilepsy Medicines

Women with epilepsy may need to change medicines to stop seizures, to enhance the quality of the life for the woman or to protect the baby of a pregnant woman. There are numerous drugs available at this time.

Leaving the Hospital on Coumadin

The total change when you leave the hospital on Coumadin can modify Coumadin doses significantly. Get a blood test, an INR, very soon after you leave so you can anticipate these changes in Coumadin dose.

Emotional Impact of Cancer

Shock, confusion and fear are some of the emotions that cancer patients often experience upon receiving a diagnosis. Close friends and family members often share these feelings and are uncertain of how to respond. In this episode, clinical Oncologist Dr. … Continue reading

Pain Management and Coumadin

Pain meds can change your sensitivity to Coumadin and lead to an increased risk to bleed or clot. For mild or moderate pain, Tylenol with or without codeine is safe. Avoid drugs like persistent Advil (Motrin) and aspirin.


Dr. Robert Miller defines what a neuropathy is (an abnormality in a nerve), why different neuropathies cause different symptoms, what the usual causes of neuropathy are, and what the relationship between cancers, cancer treatments and neuropathies are.

Before You Leave the Hospital

You, family members or friends need to understand what should be done after the hospital. Know about the activities desired, foods, wound care, medicines, when to see the doctor next and when to call him or her.


Epilepsy is another name for recurrent unprovoked seizures.  By unprovoked, neurologists mean there is no identifiable cause of the seizure such as a very low blood sugar, a stroke, meningitis, or alcohol withdrawal. Seizures occur because of the excessive discharge … Continue reading