Custom Videos

Creating customized health education and communication videos is a difficult task for any organization providing health care. Our mission at Smarter Medical Care is to create such videos in a unique, engaging and flexible illustrative format that is designed to deliver outstanding value to clients.

What Makes Smarter Medical Care Different

Smarter Medical Care leverages the strengths of our two founders Dr. Robert Rodvien and Brian Rodvien who are personally involved in the creation of all custom videos.

Dr. Robert Rodvien, is a medical oncologist who has been practicing medicine for 40 years. During his four decades of practice, he has perfected the ability to share information that is accessible and easily understood by patients. He realizes that patients experience heightened internal tensions on the way to medical appointments, treatments, and diagnostic tests that impair communication between them and their providers. Much of the information imparted during doctor visits is heard but not comprehended or remembered until issues surface and create additional anxiety. Dr. Rodvien’s passion is to improve life quality for all patients by reducing fear, promoting the support of family and friends, and managing the stress of interacting with the health care delivery system.

Dr. Rodvien’s decades of experience enable him to take complex medical ideas and convert them into short, easily understood bits of information.

Brian Rodvien is an expert in producing rich media. His background and skills enable him to translate information from medical professionals and express it visually and sympathetically in a meaningful and nuanced way to patients. His team consists of professional designers, illustrators and production specialists. The results are dynamic and engaging videos that inform and move the end-user. Brian has always been drawn to health communications, prompting him to co-found Smarter Medical Care.

Smarter Medical Care Videos:

  • Are painstakingly designed by a team of experts,
  • Incorporate evidence based medicine,
  • Leverage a flexible illustrative format that allows languages and changes (if guidelines change) to be made cost effectively,
  • Are created using proven health literacy principles,
  • Are customized and designed specifically for your organization,
  • Are produced to deliver maximum impact and value.

Smarter Medical Care is especially adept at addressing:

  • Diverse populations in their native languages,
  • The difficulties associated with procedural and anatomical imagery,
  • Populations with low literacy skills,
  • Health content that changes frequently,
  • Concepts that produce stress for patients,
  • Organizations with limited financial resources, and
  • Organizations that want to take customization to the next level.

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