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Inspired by his 40 years of experience as an oncologist-hematologist, Dr. Robert Rodvien founded Smarter Medical Care with his son, Brian, in 2008. Their goal: to create patient education videos to address all aspects of the journey a patient and their loved ones embark on when there is a serious diagnosis. At the very core of their mission is to relieve patient anxiety and improve treatment outcomes by making medicine understandable. Dr. Rodvien knows how critically important it is to remove all barriers between the patient and their ability to receive and understand information about their health. Smarter Medical Care Patient Education Videos address the three most easily identifiable barriers:

  • Patient Anxiety
  • Low literacy
  • Lack of translated materials

Our format has been engineered to soothe patient anxiety with simple anatomical illustration, plain language, soft tones and hues – in your patient’s primary language, even if they don’t speak English or Spanish.  Translations are easy and can be affordably done with our animated format. Animated patient education videos can be customized to your institution’s brand, your patient’s specific illness, language and ethnicity to ensure that all blocks between the patient and the information are removed. This high level of customization ensures patients and their families are able to fully take in the information and approach their care free of confusion and fear.